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oh darling, lets us be adventurers

Hello! Happy sunday everyone! As i’m sitting here in a coffee shop spending my hours in front of this laptop I can’t help but dream of all the places that I want to go to. Check out these images and I hope that it’ll spark you to get up and go somewhere! What places are on YOUR bucket list?

see you soon


Budapest, Hungary

Hua Shan, China

Ankisabe, Madagascar


Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Fujian, China

Longs Peak, Colorado

Easter Island Moai

Mammoth cavern Vietnam

Sapporo, Japan

Ankisabe, Madagascar





The Shaolin Monks

As a kid I literally grew up on every kung fu movie there was to see. Every family gathering, although for some meant caroling or family football games,  meant for us dinner and a gathering around the TV for a classic  kung fu movie. (And i swear its not your jackie chan or jet li stuff. Its the Bruce Lee, Wong Fei Hung, the ten tigers of Canton etc. The REAL kung fu movies)  Check out these photos of Shaolin Monks that i came across. They are truly amazing and truly inspiring. There was this one time when I was in Shanghai I met this man who told me that he just came from training for 3 years in the mountains of Tibet. He told me that every morning he would wake up at 3 am, fetch water, train, and meditate for 10+ hours at a time. Ive never met a man so well collected, passionate, and undisturbed by the faults of the world.  amazing people and amazing stories.

art in landscape

There is truly an artful soul out there. Check out these natural artscapes

East Iceland

Rice fields of Yunnan, China


the best kind of maps

Collections of portraits taken from hidden places around the world. Take a look at these portraits and ask the simple question- why do they look the way they look? There are now officially over 7 billion people in this world and each one has a story that is reflected with each wrinkle and each expression. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find. In this world of 7 billion, everyone is interesting.

little school in the andes

What an epic fail.

So i arrived to Shanghai fashion week and although all the posts/magazines/posters say that SH fashion week was open to the public, it certainly was not! So I am super super annoyed but oh well. What can you do.

Here is a great set of photographs done by Irena Werning caleld the ‘Little School in the Andes’

These rural schools in the Andes Mountains of Argentina are true frontier outposts: the few scattered windows looking out to the civilized world that are available in the far off northwest corner of the country, home of the indigenous Kollas. The boys and girls that attend them are isolated in their communities and cut off from the urban civilization of an otherwise fast-pace developing country. Through teachers and books they get an imperfect glimpse of that remote urban culture. For some, emigration to the cities is a future option but for many their future is tied to their land, their families and their ancestral routes. A few very powerful routines dominate the daily existence of these students aside from working the land with their parents every day after school. Football for boys and long hair for girls function as status symbols replacing those consuming goods and articles that dominate teenage life in the cities of the globalized world.


travel should be a religion.


Beginnings of AAU

Ni Hao Readers and welcome to the Asia portion of this blog. About three weeks ago I arrived in Hong kong for the USC Asia Architecture & Urbanism Study abroad program and since then I’ve visited places like Guangzhou, ZhuHai, ZhongShan, Shenzhen, and the list goes on. Its only been about 3 weeks but its seems like its been forever.

Here is the AAU itinerary

AAU Schedule
HK: Aug. 30th – Sept. 2nd
Shenzhen: Sept. 3rd – Sept. 6th
Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhonshan, Zhuhai, Macau: Sept. 7th – Sept. 16
HK: Sept. 17th – Sept. 18th.
Seoul: Sept. 19th – Sept. 30th
Taiwan: Oct. 1st – Oct. 7th
Beijing: Oct. 8th, 9th – Oct. 15th
Shanghai: Oct. 16th – Dec. 7th
Tokyo: Dec. 8th – Dec. 10th
Kyoto: Dec. 11th – Dec. 14th

I haven’t quite edited my photos because we’ve been traveling so much and China is super annoying with the whole blog/facebook deal that its been hard to blog. But please check out our posts on the USC AAU wordpress site

My entry is on there too (Urban Schizophrenia)

Enjoy! Will be posting soon


mental preparation

Well its been a few weeks already in beautiful california and so far my vacation has been consistent of all sorts of workouts, drinks with friends, and eating as many  tacos as i can possibly digest without falling over and clogging an artery. But now that SC is starting in a week and I’m leaving in two, its time to start mentally preparing for the journey ahead. But how do i regrasp the architecture mentality when I’ve been in vacation mode? maybe a nice new fresh sketchbook will get me in the mood.

Gotta get ready to learn. And the best way to learn is just to get up and have that adventure.


see you soon


Forget Eat Pray Love- Move Eat Learn

catch these films i found off because i’m addicted

should be my motto now: Move EaT learn. Enjoy!