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The Long wait is over: MMM for H&M

FINALLY I’ve been waiting for this preview for ages. One of my favorite fashion houses: the French Maison Martin Margiela released a few days ago ( only the exclusive few) the release of their collaboration with the Swedish H&M. Real collection is hits stores on the 15th of november. MMM has been a long fave for me with its boyish influences, sleek and clean details, bold structure, and expertise in materials. Maybe its those clean lines and simple palettes that hit home for me as a lover of architecture. I don’t know about you but i’m snagging these shoes as soon as possible.

“A representative for the house said that the clothing would mostly be reissued pieces from the Margiela archives, and these garments definitely embody the classic oversize silhouettes, deconstructed styling, and incorporation of found objects the house became famous for. But while prices for original Margiela pieces can reach thousands of dollars, prices for this collaboration run from $13 to $399.

Several pieces are fusions of more than one type of garment. One of the women’s bottoms melds a skirt with trousers; elsewhere, halves of two different dresses are combined. The house also turned everything from key rings, locks of hair, and faceless watches into inventive accessories.” (fashionologie)

images via graziadaily,, telegraph UK

Detail of Helena Christensen’s H&M MMM bootie

H&M MMM Campaign

MMM H&M lookbook

Lookbook H&M MMM

Clockwise from left:

Oversized peacoat £179.99, Oversized turtleneck jumper £79.99, Horizontally worn dress (blue) £99.99, Horizontally worn dress (black) £99.99, Circular shirt £49.99, Trousers transformed into skirt £59.99

Narrow shouldered jacket £69.99, Oversized trousers £69.99, Oversized day dress £69.99, Adjusted biker jacket £179.99, Lining dress £59.99, Pattern cut jacket £149.99

Clockwise from left:
Oversized masculine jacket £99.99, Trousers mini skirt £59.99, Hitched up dress £99.99, Darted jumper £69.99, Fusion of two dresses £69.99, Tailored mannequin jacket £79.99

Clockwise from left:
Trompe l’oeil fishnet legging £14.99, Enlarged key ring necklace £34.99, Glove clutch £79.99, Glove coin bag £29.99, Glove clutch £79.99, Knee-high boot with removed heel and its necklace £149.9

Clockwise from left:
Hair lock necklace each £7.99, Plexi wedge pump £149.99, Invisible wedge pump £149.99, Folded base tote £99.99

Clockwise from left:
Plexi wedge pump £149.99, Extended watch belt £59.99, Enlarged watch frame bracelet £29.99, Pump with removed heel and its necklace £69.99, Upside-down handbag £69.99, Pump with removed heel and it’s necklace £69.99

Mould effect loafer £99.99, Hand painted loafer £99.99, Hand painted belt £29.99, Extended belt £29.99, Mould effect boot £149.99, Mould effect belt £29.99


The best of SS13

Oh how I love this time of the year! Time for trends to come out and this season its all about the prints, mood, silhouettes, wonderful colors, and gladiator shoes. Of course my favorites will always be Jil Sander and Alexander Wang but Ive been blown away by this year’s Prada, MArchesa, Calvin Klein, and Marni collections. And even though ACNE is also one of my faves I can’t say I like it too much.  Check out my favorite looks from this year’s collections.

Its all about the cut

Alexander Wang


Calvin Klein Collection

Proenza Schouler

The silhouette

Jil Sander

Calvin Klein Collection

Theyskins’ Theory

Rebecca Minkoff


Proenza Schouler


Rebecca Minkoff


Gladiator Shoes


Proenza Schouler

Alexander Wang

3.1 phillip lim

Tipped Shoes

see by Chloe

Burberry Prorsum



Calvin Klein



3.1 phillip lim

Burberry Prorsum

Ignorant assholes. Way to squash all things creative and interesting. EVERYTHING you see and touch is designed. NBC, if you must drive our youth into becoming business mongrels and emphasize that uselessness of art and design, I really suggest you think differently and think of the bleak world that is without beauty and creativity.

Our world is so underappreciated for what we do

R(air)ified symposium

New technologies and design methodologies will allow new forms, materials and strategies to emerge in support of renewed interests in creating and conditioning of environments. This symposium will consider the changing roles of atmospheres itself in architecture and how the design, distribution, filtration, and conditioning of air effects and affects space.

Speakers include: Gail Peter borden, an te Liu, Phillips rahm, Marcos Sanchez, Doris sung, warren techentin, Tom wiscombe







Airbeam computational membrane (done with roland snoo & Tom Wiscombe

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New York Fashion week

Oh the metallics and textures! I think by far my favorite collection of this group would have to be Marchesas. WoW, the clothes simply defy gravity and it truly takes the dynamics of textures to a different level.







Marc Jacobs

Zac Posen

can you smell it? its that time of year


Hi all and i’m sure as most of you know its fashion week! God. I just love this time of year where you begin to see designers make an impact on the way that people will be living for the next season. You think that as people you wear what you feel like wearing, but in reality, what you are shares a relationship with the rest of the world. The colors, the styles, the feeling, often rubs off and sooner or later you find yourself absorbing trends that you never even thought possible.

We begin off New York Fashion Week with 3.1 Phillip Lim, Donna Karan, and Theskins Theor. Here are some of my favorite looks

phillip lim

phillip lim


Donna Karan

Donna Karan

see you soon,




watch the world catch fire

watch the world catch fire. What does it say about our dependency on the internet and its need for free knowledge/hyper socialization/instant consumerism?

stop online piracy act. petition now

most amazing photos of 2011

as the year comes to an end let us remember all the things that have happened this year. Buzz feed’s most powerful images of 2011

pictures are worth a thousand words

Members of the national security team receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House on May 1.

Firefighters of Ladder Company 4 — which lost seven men on 9/11 — perched together on their aerial ladder, watching a news bulletin in Times Square declaring that Osama bin Laden was dead on May 2.

Facebook played an extremely important role in the uprisings throughout the Middle East.

A demonstrator shows his bottom to riot police during a protest by European workers and trade union representatives to demand better job protection in the European Union countries in Brussels on March 24

84-year-old Dorli Rainey was pepper sprayed during a peaceful march in Seattle, Washington. She would have been thrown to the ground and trampled, but luckily a fellow protester and Iraq vet was there to save her. (Joshua Trujillo /

An aerial shot of the damage immediately following the Japanese tsunami.

A girl in isolation for radiation screening looks at her dog through a window in Nihonmatsu, Japan on March 14.

Halloween costumes

Hey readers

So as Halloween rolls around I like many other people are excited about what sort of costumes I’ll be seeing this year. Last year’s Lady Gagas, Snookies, Michael Jacksons blew me out of the water and this year it only leads me to wonder who will be emerging out of their haunted houses but this year? Steve Jobs? Halloween is always an exciting time of the year for me and my friends and we always discuss costumes months in advance so we can prepare for that one day where we can parade in our costumes around Hollywood Blvd. But yesterday while I was scrolling through costumes,  I came across something that really changed my views on the celebration of Halloween.

This campaign,  done by a student group at Ohio University called Students Teaching Against Racism (STAR) calls through graphic presentation a questioning of what exactly goes on during Halloween . Their mission is “to educate and facilitate discussion about racism and to promote racial harmony and to create a safe, non threatening environment to allow participants to feel comfortable to express their feelings” So as Halloween comes around its not exactly hard to find people of all ages dressed as slutty nurses, ‘white trash’ , and gangsters. After all- Halloween is a time of mockery and foolishness. Its that one day out of the year where sluts can wear their undergarments and not be mocked for it and youtube jokes take physical form. But as we all enjoy these costumes and point in laughter I think we tend to overlook what these costumes truly mean and what they fuel as an ideology of stereotypes. That being said, this poster campaign isn’t about being overly sensitive to costume choices, it’s about perpetuati­ng prejudices and negative stereotype­s through these choices. “It isn’t racist to dress up as another culture, per se. But if you do it with a mocking intent, then you’re taking it too far. All we’re asking people is to stop perpetuating those prejudices and to realize that you’re crossing a line when you strap fake bombs to your chest to portray a Middle Eastern man or if you paint your face black.”

In my opinion I do believe that people can take these posters the wrong way because I know for a fact the majority of the people who dress in these sorts of costumes don’t intend it it that way. But at the same time, a comic youtube video made from the student from UCLA didn’t seem at the time too harmless but in reality it blew up to the point where she had to drop out of school from all the death threats from Asians from all over the world. So when you start wondering where people start forming stereotypes that cause hate crimes that happen when you see someone unrighteously frisked at airport security, maybe we should look to the small details of our life that have desensitized us to think that they are merely costumes and funny moments.

Shanghai Fashion week

SO SO SO excited for shanghai fashion week! will be keeping you posted on what shows i’ll be attending this evening @ Fuxing park,which  right in the heart of Shanghai. I hear Vivienne Westwood is opening today. Will be posting soon!