The Long wait is over: MMM for H&M

FINALLY I’ve been waiting for this preview for ages. One of my favorite fashion houses: the French Maison Martin Margiela released a few days ago ( only the exclusive few) the release of their collaboration with the Swedish H&M. Real collection is hits stores on the 15th of november. MMM has been a long fave for me with its boyish influences, sleek and clean details, bold structure, and expertise in materials. Maybe its those clean lines and simple palettes that hit home for me as a lover of architecture. I don’t know about you but i’m snagging these shoes as soon as possible.

“A representative for the house said that the clothing would mostly be reissued pieces from the Margiela archives, and these garments definitely embody the classic oversize silhouettes, deconstructed styling, and incorporation of found objects the house became famous for. But while prices for original Margiela pieces can reach thousands of dollars, prices for this collaboration run from $13 to $399.

Several pieces are fusions of more than one type of garment. One of the women’s bottoms melds a skirt with trousers; elsewhere, halves of two different dresses are combined. The house also turned everything from key rings, locks of hair, and faceless watches into inventive accessories.” (fashionologie)

images via graziadaily,, telegraph UK

Detail of Helena Christensen’s H&M MMM bootie

H&M MMM Campaign

MMM H&M lookbook

Lookbook H&M MMM

Clockwise from left:

Oversized peacoat £179.99, Oversized turtleneck jumper £79.99, Horizontally worn dress (blue) £99.99, Horizontally worn dress (black) £99.99, Circular shirt £49.99, Trousers transformed into skirt £59.99

Narrow shouldered jacket £69.99, Oversized trousers £69.99, Oversized day dress £69.99, Adjusted biker jacket £179.99, Lining dress £59.99, Pattern cut jacket £149.99

Clockwise from left:
Oversized masculine jacket £99.99, Trousers mini skirt £59.99, Hitched up dress £99.99, Darted jumper £69.99, Fusion of two dresses £69.99, Tailored mannequin jacket £79.99

Clockwise from left:
Trompe l’oeil fishnet legging £14.99, Enlarged key ring necklace £34.99, Glove clutch £79.99, Glove coin bag £29.99, Glove clutch £79.99, Knee-high boot with removed heel and its necklace £149.9

Clockwise from left:
Hair lock necklace each £7.99, Plexi wedge pump £149.99, Invisible wedge pump £149.99, Folded base tote £99.99

Clockwise from left:
Plexi wedge pump £149.99, Extended watch belt £59.99, Enlarged watch frame bracelet £29.99, Pump with removed heel and its necklace £69.99, Upside-down handbag £69.99, Pump with removed heel and it’s necklace £69.99

Mould effect loafer £99.99, Hand painted loafer £99.99, Hand painted belt £29.99, Extended belt £29.99, Mould effect boot £149.99, Mould effect belt £29.99


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