Katharina-Domokosch A celebration of Artlessness

“I am inspired by the way we cherish fashion, and that despite its fast pace we strive for the achievement of timelessness, longevity and an ultimate moment and the truth. Celebrating identity and esteem and the beauty that lies within us all and outlasting heterogeneity is key to my practice as a designer. I have examined the cultural traditions of an almost forgotten world in the alpine uplands and researched alpine herdsmen whose handcrafted dress has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. They embody their heritage, beliefs and culture. Patina and traces of time enhance the emotional value of the garments and objects and create a respectful bond between the maker, wearer and the product – unlike in the handling of contemporary fashion. Inspired by the opulence and symbolism of these historical costumes, my collection is a celebration of their essence, searching for raw minimalism in their voluminous and excessively decorated shapes.”


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