The Shaolin Monks

As a kid I literally grew up on every kung fu movie there was to see. Every family gathering, although for some meant caroling or family football games,  meant for us dinner and a gathering around the TV for a classic  kung fu movie. (And i swear its not your jackie chan or jet li stuff. Its the Bruce Lee, Wong Fei Hung, the ten tigers of Canton etc. The REAL kung fu movies)  Check out these photos of Shaolin Monks that i came across. They are truly amazing and truly inspiring. There was this one time when I was in Shanghai I met this man who told me that he just came from training for 3 years in the mountains of Tibet. He told me that every morning he would wake up at 3 am, fetch water, train, and meditate for 10+ hours at a time. Ive never met a man so well collected, passionate, and undisturbed by the faults of the world.  amazing people and amazing stories.


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