bodies continued

from my last post one can see truly the magnificence of the human body- where intimacy and language are cultivated through the touch of this great system we hold to be our temples.  But what makes these images beautiful from one perspective is the perception of bodies and its inherent beauty to which we are conditioned to understand beautiful bodies are young and lean. In this post, I would like to oppose the beauty of bodies in its culturally ‘perfect’ state and show forth the beauty of the heavy, old, and ‘flawed’ (and of course the effects of cultural bodily perfections). ‘Perfection’ of the body to me is more disturbing than the imperfection. Imperfections are honest in nature and tells stories of life that one can only see through the creases of the face. Perfection is deceitful, pretentious, and pressures mental and physical harm – conditioning us to the impossible perfection of the naturally flawed human being. take a look at a few of these pictures and imagine the stories that could be told from the ‘oddness’ & ‘imperfections’

74 year old body builder

the heavy ballerina


3 thoughts on “bodies continued

  1. wow. now here’s a post that makes you think.

    well done!

  2. ishootgood says:

    Nice compilation!

  3. ☆ MagicAperture says:

    Good collection.

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