Minky Ha: What men live by

“What men live by” collection by Minky Ha

Minky Ha was born in South Korea where he studied ‘Art Studies’ at the Hong-Ik University. While studying Minky felt that his degree was based on theory rather than practice and decided to move to London to study fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, earning a BA in Fashion Design Womenswear. Ha sees ‘fashion’ as a very influential form of art to individual and society, due to its practicality and significant ripple effect. What motivates him to work are absurdities and contradictions in society. Fashion became a great tool to convey his interpretation and opinion.

Ha’s latest collection “What men live by” was based on the story he wrote, which was inspired by ‘Theory of Life’ by Tolstoy and ‘Seize the day’ by Saul Bello. Through this collection, he wanted to provoke people, especially himself to ask “what do humans live for, and live by?”. “What Men Live By?” is a symbolical, metaphorical statement of an imaginary character’s life who lives in capitalism. Each outfit is meant to symbolise a certain stage of one’s life in capitalism. “I tried to show my own interpretation about life, and throw a very fundamental question to others and myself ‘why do we live?'” In the show there were 6 different characters that symbolise 6 different states of one’s life time. Born, Adapted, Addicted, Dead, Reborn and Sacrifice.In terms of technique Ha used soft foam to make shapes, and in terms of concept he used real coins to symbolise our capitalism era. Another goal to his collection was to stand on the borderline of ‘sculpture’ and ‘clothing’, to eliminate its boundaries. Now, he is working on his wearable sculptures to continue his vision. Minky lives and works in London.

Photos: Louis Park
Words: Courtesy of Minky Ha

I love his sculptural views on fashion. beautiful



2 thoughts on “Minky Ha: What men live by

  1. monicaali says:

    Wow! I love it!

  2. Solipsism Dreams says:

    this is awesome!


    Loretta xx

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