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Miss A

I love collecting images of really well put together location-based fashion spreads. I prefer those to in-studio shoots. Locations add a character, story line and sense of adventure. When coupled with great outfits it can make for a great photo shoot.

This is a shoot by James Meakin in one of my favourite locations – Taal Monument in Paarl. Apart from the place having cherished memories for me personally, it is a place that was meant to represent the pride of Afrikaans culture, language and independence from the culture’s Dutch Heritage. That is what was intended, the architect Jan van Wijk (who is buried there), interpreted the  independence from the Dutch link as an opportunity of integration with an African heritage.

Each sculpture which makes the monument is an embodiment of this, and the organic, fluid design emphasizes his interpretation more and more. Unfortunately for South Africans a part of its history was…

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