The Bachelor Collection 2011 by Maxime Rappaz

Bachelor Collection 2011 by Maxime Rappaz

“A questioning about the concept of purity. Because the absolute purity isn’t attainable, I searched a way to circle this reality. I preferred visual simple solutions like a photomontage to evoke my constant ideal of purity than trying to obtain it directly in the clothe construction. I wanted it ironic and at the limit of the absurdity (with 3D accessories and surfaces like in levitation). In two colors (gris beige and pastel green), in repetitive fabrics (leather, jeans and silk), in minimalistic identical shapes: my collection is also an illustration of my obsessional wish of control. Inspired by a personal series of photographies that describe a minimalist universe with surfaces and lines, my collection is foremost a experimental project that seems to be a starting point: because even if the purity is unattainable, I want to deal with.”

Words: Maxime Rappaz
Photos: Baptiste Coulon
Model: Madlaina Boillat




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