green ideas!

I recently visited my local Home Depot and bought an herb garden for my balcony in downtown. So needless to say I’ve been pretty obsessively looking at garden ideas and watching endless youtube videos on how to make my tomatoes grow better! And on top of all of that I’ve started participating in a urban garden initiative right in LA and soon I will be helping communities plant herbs and vegetables as well! I think its super important as architects that we participate in the things that we believe in. Our projects always seem to consist of putting in gardens/roof gardens/urban farms/ etc etc but never have we truly participated in the actions that we come to promote! SO architects, get off your high and mighty stool, stop playing god for a sec, and do what you aspire others to do. Here are some of the interesting green ideas that I’ve stumbled upon. take a look!


Moss Graffiti: Put in blender: one can of cheap beer (or 1 1/2 cups buttermilk), a few handfuls of moss, one teaspoon of sugar. Paint on wall and mist daily until it grows.


have a fun way for your kids to water the plants. take some pvc pipes and a water bottle and design your very own water maze!


seriously. what can you not grown plants out of? take anything that can store anything


use an old wooden platform and plant something leaning on your wall


recycle those old lightbulbs and make a hanging garden off a tree in your back yard


another cute idea for the kids


I know that this isn’t exactly growing something but its an awesome idea OUT of the things you grow. Fill it with water, stick your favorite things and there you go!

Is your boyfriend a wine snob and likes to collect the corks out of every bottle only to store them in a moldy box in the closet? yea. this is going to happen.

Hope this inspires your green thumb




One thought on “green ideas!

  1. Theo says:

    =) I found your blog! I like this!!! I have a topsy turvy I should get started on and get myself some fresh tomatoes for the house… I’d like to try your herb garden when it’s ready!

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