quotes from Second Nature

was reading Second Nature, an exhibition in Japan detailing the importance of nature in design.

Nature in itself is limitless and multifaceted, it does not show its appearance. In its own creations, nature has neither words nor form, but is boundless and eternal. This means that the miracle of nature of nature is contained even within the smallest seed. And those who pick up the seed can then understand the whole universe”

“He must be dull, the man who can examine the exquisite structure of a comb, so beautifully adapted to its end, without enthusiastic admiration. We hear from mathematicians that bees have practically solved a recondite problem and have the greatest possible amount of honey with the least consumption of wax. How great would it be if architects in human society had the same sensibilities! “

“Nature comprises things that just happen. Just as water falls, just as plants grow, just as tress grow, just as leaves fall and rot, yet somewhere and everywhere. In nature there is a beuty that sharply penetrates and lingers in the delicacy of the human heart”


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