natural structures

Hello all and happy new year! i know I’m about half a month late but starting school, moving in, and not to mention getting over the jet lag has been pretty hectic. But as hectic as it is, I’ve noticed so many things since coming back to LA because of the trip through AAU. LA has become so slow, so individualistic, so glamorous, and being back feels simply.. different.

Anyways since I’ve been starting my thesis and so far I’ve been doing a lot of research on natural systems. Check out some recent findings and I hope that they inspire you as well! There is nothing more complex and beautiful than the systems that have been created by God himself and as designers I believe we must uphold ourselves and look to the highest to find our own sense of design.

leaf structure

Eggshell membrane

The eggshell is constructed of interwoven fibers articulated in ways that distribute loads evenly across the shell while functionally allowing for food absorption and heat exchange.


Mineralization processes form many natural structures and introduce metals, such as gold, into a rock. The resulting rock composition is stiffer and stronger. By using the ratio of stiff to soft materials, Stalasso mimics these mineralization processes for design purposes. This leads to construction based on performance requirements. For example, a bed, a table or a building’s ceiling could be tailored to respond to different weights across its surface according to specific requirements and preferences.


sonic waves in space,_SEM-SPL.jpg?id=667450519


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