Architecture and Violence

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So the journey is finally over and FINALLY 8 months of traveling through europe and Asia has come to an end. The journey has been amazing and I can say that it has been the best times of my life. Thank you to all those that i have met and have helped me along the way. I will never forget what I’ve learned. I seriously encourage everyone to get out there and travel. It is truly the best way to learn. I will upload travel photos as soon as i stop waking up at 3 pm and sleeping at 5 am and finish all the work that i haven’t completed for my abroad program.

check out this issuu on Architecture and Violence. It proposes interesting ideas on the influence of architecture and the generation of violence. As architects its easy for us to build thinking that our places are peaceful places, that embrace culture and promotes the well being of society. But while architecture is exactly in this cultural context it does make way to associations of violence and unrest. Check out this issuu by Libero Andreotti , Annette Fierro , Elie Haddad , Dorita Hannah , Sarah Treadwell , Andrew Herscher , Bechir Kenzari , Donald Kunze , Nadir Lahiji , William B. Millard. It will create some really interesting insights


From propaganda exhibitions to suburban residential complexes, from slaughterhouses to jails, from illegal settlements to governmental palaces, from separation walls to concentration camps, and finally, from actual, material environments to image-architecture performing through flickering media screens, not only is architecture able to sanction and legitimize violence, but also to give it a spatial ground to thrive.




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  1. pradeep says:

    Hi Anita, I have been following your great blog. Thanks for the best wishes…Happy New Year to you .Have a wonderful 2012 year & all the best in future. keep in touch.

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