WHY everything is interesting

Hello all from Shanghai!

Just about yesterday afternoon, the USC AAUers have reached Shanghai and this will actually be the base of our studies where we will spend about 2 months doing an actual project with all the information that we’ve collected through the past 7 weeks. Its been an entirely exhausting journey because we are literally up at times from 8 in the morning and don’t come back until dinner is well over. But my dark circles have not been in vain because even though we’re almost crawling to our sites its been such a life changing experience to see things from this point of view. Today our instructor said something interesting that like turned my thoughts about this blog. He was referring to our site and he told us to look in detail about everything and anything that could be relevant to our studies- to not see things in its superficiality but really consider the things not yet seen- and then he said the words “because everything is interesting”. i snickered and i thought to myself “Check.” but then he added that that the things that kinda turned my perspective around. In order to say that I truly think everything is interesting, i have to think about the things that i’m not interested in. I mean, its only natural that there are some things that i don’t find interesting right? But he said that as a designer its your responsibility to step away from the box and look at things from the inside and outside, whether you like the subject or not. Its only this kind of versatility that will allow you to be a good designer in the end.  So as a resolution I’m going to try to stray away from JUST posting about fashion art design and generally all the stuff i associate myself with so that in the end the objective of this blog can be reached to its full potential. That so i can, explain to you, WHY the hell everything IS interesting.

I posted this picture to in a sense show the way i will be looking at things hopefully from now on. Where I will, and will encourage you, to look at every crease and corner to see a treasure that is just waiting to be found.





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