Beginnings of AAU

Ni Hao Readers and welcome to the Asia portion of this blog. About three weeks ago I arrived in Hong kong for the USC Asia Architecture & Urbanism Study abroad program and since then I’ve visited places like Guangzhou, ZhuHai, ZhongShan, Shenzhen, and the list goes on. Its only been about 3 weeks but its seems like its been forever.

Here is the AAU itinerary

AAU Schedule
HK: Aug. 30th – Sept. 2nd
Shenzhen: Sept. 3rd – Sept. 6th
Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhonshan, Zhuhai, Macau: Sept. 7th – Sept. 16
HK: Sept. 17th – Sept. 18th.
Seoul: Sept. 19th – Sept. 30th
Taiwan: Oct. 1st – Oct. 7th
Beijing: Oct. 8th, 9th – Oct. 15th
Shanghai: Oct. 16th – Dec. 7th
Tokyo: Dec. 8th – Dec. 10th
Kyoto: Dec. 11th – Dec. 14th

I haven’t quite edited my photos because we’ve been traveling so much and China is super annoying with the whole blog/facebook deal that its been hard to blog. But please check out our posts on the USC AAU wordpress site

My entry is on there too (Urban Schizophrenia)

Enjoy! Will be posting soon



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