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before i post more travel pictures, I’m sure you miss all the design photos that you’ve missed out on for the past couple months. So I’m going to do a few posts here and there on design so that you know that I haven’t lost my mind to the world and still love design.

Ephemeral Reverie by Sarah Mok

Check out these Australian designs by Sarah Mok. I love the textures and folds

Sarah Mok is a fourth-year fashion design graduate at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, and her collection, which placed her third at the iD International Emerging Designer Awards, is simply a feast for the eyes. Ephemeral Reverie is an illusory exploration in the fleeting quality of the garment through its form, color and movement. This is achieved through intricate biomorphic sculptural pieces that encompass the body, creating a powerful volumetric form along with a rich gradation of shades, tones and textures


My collection explores the sculptural and artistic approach to fashion.

The central focus is to create a sense of illusion through the form, colour and its movement to evoke an ephemeral quality to the garment, as if possessing its own life.

This is achieved through intricate organza pieces that encompass the body creating a powerful three-dimensional form. Moreover the subdued colours and tones created by hand dip-dying play an integral role in enlivening the garment and setting the mood to the collection.

These sculptural pieces are made from hundreds of organza square pieces and strips that are individually joined by transparent nylon thread and then draped on a simple organza base garment.

My passion for sculptural garments came from designers like Iris van Herpen, Sandra Backlund and Mary Katrantzou for her vibrant colours and unique textile prints that evoke a sense of illusion and dimension by creating a relationship between the interior inspired prints and the silhouette of the garment.


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