Well- I’ve finally reached (almost) the end of my trip from europe and now I am currently with my family in the Vancouver. Its not exactly where i’m from but its as close to home as I can get. Here, all my nieces and nephews are running around, not to mention 2 small dogs, and as chaotic as it is, its really nice to come back to something I’m familiar with. I feel like for the past two months I’ve been essentially invisible. In a place where I don’t know anyone and no one knows me. Where I have no responsibilities and no places to go. Where for once looking at my text messages isn’t my  first instinct when i get up and writing lists isn’t my last instinct before i go to bed. It was liberating. But as liberating as it was traveling brought on new responsibilities. Responsibilities that pressured me to hunt for local cuisines, visit tourist sites, find places to live, find flights/trains/buses to places, buy knicknacks for my friends at home, and so many other things. I actually think this is the first time I’ve ever used a map so consistently since the 90s where I would sit next to my dad in the car and look for addresses on his library of maps in the dashboard. But with that, I understood cities much better. I knew their layouts and major points. If you ask me how to get to the hollywood bowl from my house i don’t think i can tell you regardless of the fact that i’ve been living in los angeles for the past 5 years. Funny how invisible a city can be when you only see it from an iphone.

As promised I will be posting my photos from the trip. enjoy!



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