couchsurfing in Marseille

bonjour readers!

sorry i havent posted as well as i intended to- internet is truly hard to come by when youre traveling without a laptop. Well anyways currently I am in the South of France in a city near the coast called Marseille!! it is about midnight now and I am seriously beat because this morning my cousin and I went scuba diving along the coast and then had a picnic with strangers we just met at a local beach!! Sounds insane huh.

She and I have been doing this whole couchsurfing thing, which by the way I was totally against when I first heard of it. And seriously blows my mind STILL how amazing this whole network is.

For those of you who dont know what it is- couchsurfing is basically a network of travelers that essentially contact each other for needs when youre traveling! Like a need for a place to crash for a night, someone to teach you and exchange languages with, show you around town, and seriously anything you can think of.

When Leona first told me about it I literally said to her `Do you KNOW who the craiglist killer is?`I mean, that is such an American way to think apparently but seriously was I wrong for not believing in the kindness of strangers? That there IS a reason why we tell our children not to climb into a strangers car?

So far couchsurfing has seem to have broken all my preassumptions about the program and I am literally typing to you from a strangers laptop of which he handed me barely knowing me for 15 literal minutes along with a set of his front door and gate keys. Then after talking a bit he said goodbye and took off with his girlfriend to a town an hour away with Leona and I literally gawking at him and thinking to ourselves is he seriously for real???? And NO we have no found any cameras and all our stuff is still here- passport and all regardless of the fact he has his own set of keys and every opportunity to kill us and steal our identities. Unbelievable right? Its amazing to see that there is even a slightest bit of humanity out there- that people are willing just to meet people- with no slight hint of sexual tendency- just for the sake of meeting people and helping out! Its truly refreshing to see this amazing network and it truly makes me want to help people and just show my kindness to people around me. Kindness is infectious

Granted sometimes when people message me it will sound somewhat creepy- is it just cuz theyre European? i dont know. but so far everyone has been interesting and sincere.

take for example our 4th night in Paris. We met Chris, a local Parisian that is coming around a leg injury from his job in the Air Force. He tells us hes been all over the world and has been recently obsessed with Thailand and now currently speaks fluent Thai! (along with french and english) Hes done counteless missions all over the world – even Darfur and Afghanistan- which seriously made my eyes literaly swell with tears.

And Bruce Lee ( i no) a Canadian chef to be training in one of the most famous french restaurants in Paris; who by the way saved our butts countless times by helping us translate as well as put a roof over our heads when we needed one last minute!

And now Guillame, a man who barely speaks english, with a serious serious wall of movies has invited us to stay over.

uG! im obsessed. cant get over this right now.

Well must go to bed. Guillame is driving us to Aix En Provence tomorrow morning and a guy we met from China who studies in Aix is going to show us around!! haha happy trails!!



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