On to ibiza

Sad so say but my time in Rome has finally come to an end. What a perfect amount of time! Enough to see most everything yet not enough so it’ll keep me thirsty for more! I’ve got to say that I have truly fallen in love with Rome a lot more than milan. People are generally more hospitable and there is so much more to do at nights- probably due to so many other American tourists- the Italians here are used to our obnoxiousness.
My favorite thing about this city is how you can walk everywhere! Granted my feet are practically broken but nonetheless entirely worth it. I love just walking around in the warm roman nights and discovering yet another architectural treasure right around the corner.

Also my cousin has been doing this thing called couch surfing so we’ve been going to events where translate from all over te world come and share their experiences and locals offer their homes and resources. Just the other day we had drinks with local Romans – one of which was a pizza chef and told us all about the traditional Italian dinners! Then we went to a larger meeting and we met a guy from France who was traveling around te world in 80 weeks and other people from parts of the world like Norway Russia Canada columbians and of course other americans! We even convinced a few Italians to give us idea on the back of ther Vespas and when our friend Roberta tried to drive one she fell over and scratched up her foot 😡

Tell you more about it later! Off to party in Ibiza!



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