Travel series begins now!

FINALLY finals are all over and USC just had their graduation yesterday. So goodbye to all those graduating and i will sincerely miss everyone! THat being said, here comes my 6 month world excursion around the world! And first stop: Milan! From there I’ll be updating you from Italy, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, UK, etc. THEN i’ll be back in LA then off too Korea, China , & Taiwan. So freaking excited! well keep in mind that I won’t be able to edit any of my photos because i won’t have access to photoshop or lightroom but nonetheless keep you posted

So since the airlines are so difficult to deal with, I can only pack so many things without going over the freaking weight limit.

List of stuff I’ll be bringing:

1. maxi dresses! what a perfect thing to bring abroad- especially for the fact that we’ll be going into a lot of churches – so i’ll be needing something that covers the knees but equally stays breezy.

2. shorts . needless to say summers are always blazing hot. Good staples for me are black shorts (goes with everything) and some ripped jean shorts

3. black trousers: good for all summer nights out

4. Rompers  what better way to save space than to have a piece of clothing that combines everything?!

5. The versatile dress . good for nights out and for days when you’re hitting the local bakery

6. Blouses the shear kind. sexy and breezy

7. Crop tops best way to get around- especially with those black trousers and shorts. I found all of mine at the local goodwill. Just take the top- wash, crop and hem!

CIAO see you in ITALY



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