the study of movement

I have been always been fascinated by the pivot of which art and science merge. So let us analyze the body on a 2d plane of which we record the most things most invisible and observe them in order to effect the quality of our designs. After all, isn’t the whole point of design to capture the things that people overlook and create it into a way to generate thought and innovation? Check out these images which records the body moving through time and space.

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Science of movement Chronophotography of dancer Ami Shulman walking, Montreal, July 2009. Credit: Butch Rovan
Etienne jules marey, chronophotograph of a bird in flight

Marey’s efforts to measure a beating heart and to capture birds in flight produced the technologies that led to the modern cinema. Bergson’s reflections on matter and memory produced a philosophy that re-imagined the relation of mind to body. The installation invites participants to experience this scientific and humanistic legacy through a series of interactive pieces that explores the idea and the beauty of a single human body in motion.
string in motion


Analysis of movement: still image from film of dancer Ami Shulman jumping, July 2009
E.J. Marey, Chronophotographs from “The Human Body in Action,” Scientific American, 1914
Eliot Eliofson, Duchamp descending a staircase, photograph from Life Magazine (1952)
Painting [102] of Deleuze’s Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation
In this painting, the levels of sensation would be like arrests or snapshots of motion, which would recompose the movement synthetically in all its continuity, speed, and violence, as in synthetic cubism, futurism, or Duchamp’s Nude [102].


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