drawing influences

Charette week is only inches away and this semester we’re working on a library project for topic studios. I’ve been looking through some pretty fascinating projects and here are some images that really got me thinking about the design of my building. Although it doesn’t really seem traditional to think so but my studio professor says that design is never truly original.All designs have been done and its always about reinterpretation.  I suppose I agree, although I would like to say that all my ideas are original but truly my best moments of creativity come at the most random moments and mostly in a state of panic. I suppose architects just work best on deadlines.

enjoy the images!

*projects: Raiffeisen bank in Zurich and the HOlocaust museum by belzberg architects


The goal of this white space-agey environment is to break down the physical and emotional barriers between customers and staff. Stern tellers and three-piece-suited bankers behind high counters and glass walls, and accessible only through little windows like jailbirds — these are things of the past.


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