Because I’ve been looking for a way to do my do, I’ve been scavenging at some haircuts I would like. So here, i’ve somewhat compiled images of what I would like my hair to look like (shortest on left, longest on right) seriously. What i wouldn’t do to braid like that. That’s just the thing with short hair- don’t do it unless you’re super patient. My friends always nag me because I say I want longer hair, and then i just end up going back to the salon to get it trimmed again. There is no love for the middle stage.

Seems though a lot of girls are starting to warm up to the short hair club. In fact my two friends Elaine and Tami just got theirs cut. What can i say- I’m a trendsetter! (jk) But hey why not try a short cut? they’re sexy, sophisticated, and generally low maintenance. word of warning though, you must have a ‘sharp’ shaped face in order to pull off the look, those with more circular shaped heads should aim towards cuts that trim down places along your cheek bone.

For those fellow Los Angelenos out there, here are some of my favorite places to get a trim:

1. the fur hair gallery in silver lake ($50-$60)

2. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop (its kind of a hit or miss sometimes) ($20-30)

3. My Le Beauty Salon ($15) (seriously one of the ghettoist place i’ve ever gotten a cut but they were fantastic- good for trimmers who odn’t feel like slapping a 60 for a trim)


Another look that I’ve been warming up to are those shaved side of the head cuts. I think they’re so sexy ( i mean if you don’t overdo it )

this is what overdoing looks like:

i dont know, not a fan of the whole frickin thing gone. She kinda looks like puck from glee. So pull back the reins a bit and go for something like this:


well enjoy the cuts!




One thought on “hairstyles

  1. David Chu says:

    I’m growing my hair out so Sung Kang can play me in the movie they eventually make about my life.

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