Biodegradable shoes that sprout trees when thrown away. interesting

Hey all

I’ve recently discovered a biodegradable shoe by OAT that sprout shoes when thrown away!! Not only are they fashion forward but they give recycling a whole new meaning! Most people think about the bottles or the newspapers we throw away but ever think that we throw away clothes as well?

The Virgin Collection

We’re very proud and excited to present the samples of OAT’s Virgin Collection, six cleanly styled sneaker classics that are easy on the eyes, easy on the feet and easy on mother nature.

This first collection of biodegradable sneakers is the result of almost two years of research and development. Countless hours of searching the Internet, visiting factories and craftsmen and attending workshops on the ecological properties of materials either so new that they were hardly commercially available or so old and out of use, we had to search out the sparse islands of traditional craftsmanship to find them. And now here we are with our first collection! We hope you love them, enjoy them and have as much fun with them as we had making them so that these kicks may be the first of many more!

These soles comes also in red, blue, yellow and green.
see you soon,

One thought on “Biodegradable shoes that sprout trees when thrown away. interesting

  1. Carolina says:

    Love them! 🙂



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