All I want for christmas!

Just flew in last night from LAX and now I am in Vancouver to celebrate Christmas with the family and the new baby! Our whole family calls him Baby Panda because his sister, Emmy, said she didn’t want a little baby brother she wanted a baby panda when he was born. SO we call him baby panda now- even though he looks more like a little elf. But today in preparation for the holidays I will be going Christmas shopping – despite all the warnings about heavy holiday traffic. I MUST find my dad those sweaters he wanted. But as of right now I’m feeding my niece a quite gross tasting bowl of hotdog and noodles and wiping the snot off her nose because she caught a cold last night at her school Christmas performance. I swear- schools are a simply a breeding ground for disease.

So I’m going to post my Christmas list- in two parts actually. Things that I know I will never get, but still really pretty to look at- and things that are a bit more feasible tehe. But I swear Santa- if you’re reading this. I’ll take awesome care of everything.

Since I have been cycling back and forth from school and work- it would be nice to not have to drag around a Jansport backpack everywhere OR use my leather messenger bag- since I have to bend forward to pull the brakes, by bag drags along my legs and I swear I have a welt on my shoulder blades because my laptop has been so heavy. So for christmas what i need a cycling backpack.

Comme De Garcons wallet. Well I guess I don’t necessarily need a Comme de garcons wallet- but i should get a new one. The vintage is a little too vintage now and having a new one would be nice.

Felt Laptop case. I actually tried to make my own version of this but it looks more like a bandaid than this.

Zara pleated trousers: Need a nice pair of trousers for work

fine wool trousers

brown studio blazers: too cute!

Canon Rebel wide angle lens.

two tone bag

trusk Tribecca wallet

Catalina Brenes Bracelet


Acne Pistol Boot – these are the highly unfeasible

Alexander wangs ❤

Deena and Ozzy foldover boot

Samma Cut out Rings

Teamo Mummy Coat

Isabel Marant Sweater

Still haven’t read it yet. its on my list

Every architect’s crack is a new sketchbook. Never hurts

And a nice set of cooking knives. New years resolution: cook

Merry Christmas to you all! God bless





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