Oh the Trends of the 08

Ugh so i got my bike stolen this last weekend makes me so mad! UGH so back to bike shopping again. But something that never ceases to relax me to sifting through my blogs. So today i’m going to back track. Back to the funkiest trends of 08. makes you go.. WHEN was i into that-?!! But don’t be suprised if it all comes back and hits you in the face. Fashion always recycles itself.

condom tip hats

Its one thing to wear your underwear on your head and another to wear a condom.

Marni Fall 08

crotch flap skirts

Louise Goldin (left) & Akris (right), Fall 2008


Crotch Flap skirts


Split Personalities

Yohji Yamamoto Fall08


Yohji Yamamoto


The hot Cheetos look

VPL fall 08

VPL Fall 08
The Amoeba Dress
Gianfranco Ferr (left) & Central Saint Martin (right), Fall 2008

I’m Mr. T
Givenchy, Fall 2008
Antonio Berardi, Fall 2008
In this dress- you don’t attract men- you attract cocks. HAH
On a side note- tonight is the Ira Glass event at USC- the radio host of This American Life. But yes anyways enjoy!

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