Rethinking why everything is interesting

So last night was FIA the (fashion industry association) bloggers panel and bloggers from all around Los Angeles came and sorta gave an open discussion on what their blogs were about and what inspires them to do what they do. The blogging panel was as follows:

Samantha Duenas, SoSuperSam
Natalie James, Fashion Intel
Joanne Tagorda, Les Morceaux Jewelry
Jayne, Stop It Right Now
Alicia Nassardeen, Inny Vinny
Olivia Lopez, Lust For Life
*panel guests subject to change

Honestly when i stepped inside Hoffman Hall, i seriously got myself a little dolled up because I felt like i was meeting celebrities. I mean-I follow these girls almost in the same way that I follow the Olsens. But when I got there, don’t get me wrong- they were fabulous people, but their lives were thrillingly ordinary. They were DJs, female activists, college students, high school students, aspiring lawyers, aspiring designers, and even closet video game geeks. I am those things too- a student, a designer, a woman, aspiring architect, etc etc. So with that, what made their blogs so much better than mine? (even though they were too humble to say so) it was clear that what makes their blog unique was certainly their honesty. Their honesty made their ‘ordinary’ selves shine- makes you really think what kind of potential all the other ordinary people in our lives have. And what people truly have to say when they use something as simple as a blog to shy out of their normal selves.

As the session went on we asked them “So what sparked you to begin blogging?” I expected a profound story, something that involved changing the world and – but they simply said they were bored. They needed a medium to express their creative thoughts when others didn’t seem to listen. So here, 3 years later, take a look: their blogs are HUGE and really the opportunity that these blogs are giving them seems like such a huge feat from something that sparked from simply being bored. So then i had to ask myself the inevitable question: what sparked me to do this? And honestly the answer was simple- to enrich my life and make me a better designer. In order to be a good designer you have to notice the most acute things in life and so I started this blog so that I can see the world a little better. To find value in the smallest of details because that’s where good design comes from. . Also I’m not going to lie, I wanted to start this because i wanted to be a better writer for my Writing 340 class. There was seriously a time when i took writing 140 that my socials teacher asked if I was from another country because my writing was so horrid. But now, I think I’ve gotten a little better- still grammatically challenged and spell check has left me with no ability to spell on my own- but better.

SO thank you all you bloggers for opening my eyes and a bit and making me revisit the whole purpose of this blog. And here i pledge again to be honest and maybe from that – i can spark up something a little greater.

On a side note: my best friend sent me this video- you truly know me oh too well. And our fashion line is officially on twitter- look us up: formativedesign


One thought on “Rethinking why everything is interesting

  1. Alicia says:


    And that, THAT, is what makes me like blogging and how I gauge what “impact” we have. We are ordinary folks…maybe a little more narcissistic than the average, but I really enjoy knowing that there are people looking at blogs and realizing that they can do it too (for their own reasons, of course). Because they can…and should if they feel it’s going to be good for them in some way.

    And you took me back with Writing 140 and 340. LOL.

    Thank you for coming out.

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