So school has started and it hasn’t been quite a week yet but with all the intros and research I have already been doing I’ve been beaming with all the things i’m going to be learning this semester. So right now our studio teacher has been assigning us some case study research on mobile architecture and you SERIOUSLY have to see all these convertibles that I’ve found. In a previous entry I wrote about mobile food and if you think mobile food is cool- check these out.

mobile structures

‘Bufalino’ by german industrial designer cornelius comanns is a small camper
which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person. the concept behind the project
is to offer absolute flexibility during periods of travel. the minimalist construction is based
on the existing piaggio APE 50 three wheeled light transport vehicle; a model chosen for its
economic and fuel efficient benefits. however, the more complex structural components
such as the frame, the chassis, and engine are derived from the original piaggio model.

The Super Tramp

Lehman B Project

Supertramp is a micro-sized mobile living concept part of the lehman b project. lehman b is a ‘do tank’
which explores future strategies by actually doing them, like supertramp. the project consists of a living
that is towed behind a bicycle. it is made with a rigid frame and cloth tent façade and roof.
one side of the home open up like a window and has a ledge, while the other side features a door.
inside the home there is a small wood burning fire with a chimney and a bed. the home was hand built
and can be pedaled form location to location. the intent of the unit is to explore more minimal lifestyles
that be become a necessity in the future.

The Camper Kart by kevin Cyr

camper kart’ is a pop up camper constructed out of shopping carts. the project is an
investigation into habitats and house, recycling and ecology and finally, exploration
and mobility. for more information, read our previous designboom article on
‘camper kart’ here.

The portable office

‘kruikantoor’ is a portable office made from EPS foam and covered with a coating of
polyurea hotspray. the office, consisting of 2 chairs, a table, light, electricity connection
and storage, can be put together into one entire unit or taken apart to create a complete
office environment. equipped with wheels, ‘kruikantoor’ allows users to swiftly change
work locations.

Convertible Fashion

Shielas heels

For Gods sakes I wish i discovered these earlier! Super sleek heels that turn into flats.

convertible maternity clothes: Marisol Rodriguez

Most mothers I know complain about the lack of maternity wear and the need to purchase different sizes as their baby grows; this Marisol Rodriguez ‘Skin’ collection proves that moms-to-be have far more fashionable—and multifunctional—options. Each piece has clever cutouts around the midsection that expand as your baby grows.

The wearable sleeping bag: Sleep in style

This unique invention will leave you feeling more like the Michelin man than a caterpillar in a cocoon. Traditional sleeping bags can be quite restrictive, but because the arms and legs are separated in the Selk Bag, there is freedom to move. It’s like a nice, puffy ski suit!

Your head is cuddled into a wearable pillow cap to keep your ears and neck warm, and, in case you need to smack a mosquito off your face, you can simply unzip your hand covers. Need to pee? I’d love to say you don’t need to bare the cold, but I didn’t see any crotch zippers on this invention.

The Selks come in army green (for those who want to camouflage) and yellow (for those who want to stand out) and range from S/M to L/XL, so no matter how big or small you are, there’s a warm sleeper suit for you!

what? is Iron Man’s suit NOT transformable fashion? Part fashion Part weapon of awesomeness!

your iphone now as a bracelet! – seriously- this is even better than those power ranger watches.

Hybridization is the new thing in town these days. So if you’re trapped on an island and you can only take one thing- it can now be a million things.

see you soon



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