Weapons of Mass Production

Hello all from the motherland!

I have been in Hong Kong for a few days now and have been busy shopping and more shopping.  When i first arrived the first store I hopped into – i almost bought out the whole store. from shorts to tops and pants to shoes- everything was cheap and just wanted it all! But my biggest mistake was buying it all in one place so impulsively because as I walked down the street- i saw the same thing over and over again: only varying in prices. It seemed that all Hong Kong fashion seemed to come from one manufacturer. Whoever made these grammatically wrong jewel encrusted t shirts and glittery flats has really made it a point to be in every single store in hong kong.

Through my personal observation here are some rules about womens fashion in HK:

1. tank tops are a no no.

I think its a general rule that no peoples in China except those who are obviously foreign (like me) or have spent significant time overseas cannot wear anything without sleeves. people stare at you and adults nag at you. because obviously- you are a slut for showing the tops of your arms

2. Bright color bras have no use here

In the US you see girls left and right comfortable with showing their bra straps behind their tank tops and at times through their white t shirts but here you must always- and i mean ALWAYS wear the appropriate bra type.

3. Chinese people REALLY like fake jewels

Why else on earth would it be on every single possible available space of clothing/ rings/ bracelet/ shoe

4. We like long saggy shirts

We are already a notoriously short peoples – long shirts make us look inevitably shorter- just a matter of fact.

5. Hong Kong people will never truly accept vintage

Older Hong Kongers will look at you weird when you say you just bought some old beat up purse for $10o. they will say how DOES old trash become treasure? or like mama says: “Here- have some of my old shit so you can stop using my money to buy someone else’s old shit”

juts a thought



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