day 3-4

Hey all! i have finally reached Shanghai and sorry for the lack of daily posts- I’m super jet lagged. I have already been surfing the Shanghai World Expo for about two days now and when i first landed in Shanghai, the weather was muggy and you simply couldn’t see clearly due to all the pollution in the area. Luckily however the rain has been letting up and the sun is starting to shine through the gray skies.

When i reached the expo on the tour bus, there were MILLIONS of people lined up for the expo and EVERYONE was pushing and shoving. On top of that, it was humid and rainy!  So admist wonderful architecture, we were all sticky, sweaty, angry, pushy, shovey, – it simply wasn’t a great experience. Each line for the pavilion lasted an average of 4 hours. some even lined up for 10 hours to reach the popular pavilions such as Hong Kong, China, England, etc.

I did manage to cheat however because for people that are older than 75, you can take one person to the front of the line. So my grandma was basically like a six flags fast pass. But even still with the 10-15 elderly people, people were still shoving people out of the way to get in line. I saw an 80 year old woman get shoved to the ground. AND people cut in line. My mother seriously was the hero of the day. because whenever she saw someone cut in line she threw a HUGE hissyfit over it. One girl literally was climbing over the fence and she grabbed her by the ankles and called security. – my hero.

Here are some photos of my journey.

UK pavilion: Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick

Visitors will be invited to watch, touch and recognize seeds of different plants as the core exhibition of the UK Pavilion. They will be surrounded by the seeds in a 20-meter-high hollow cube-like structure with the seeds embedded in the walls and ceilings. The “Seed Cathedral” is itself an object formed from 60,000-plus transparent acrylic rods containing seeds. The seeds demonstrate the concept of sustainability, the diversity of nature and the potential of life. During the daytime, each of these 7.5-meter-long rods will act like fibre optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior. At night, light sources embedded in each rod will allow the whole structure to glow.


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