thoughts on the fashion show

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting in awhile- but now that the Fashion Industry Association Fashion show at USC is over, the storm has calmed and now I have some time to recollect my thoughts.

If some of you don’t know, I along with two other architecture students from USC have created a fashion line called formative.


Pronunciation: \ˈfȯr-mə-tiv\

Function: adjective
Date: 15th century

1 a : giving or capable of giving form

And we as formative are solely existant to give form and shelter to the body. The Spring 2010 line consists of 8 pieces that transition from the hard masculine and geometric ‘side’ of architecture to the classical feminine draping nature of fabric.

Here is the description of our line as listed in the show:

FORMATIVE: spring 2010 collection

What happens when the worlds of fashion and architecture collide? How much does the role of visual pleasure play into this hybridized design discipline? Or are we simply building pragmatic structures that house the body?

Faced with this challenge, we as Formative underwent an extended period of tortured existential wondering about the characteristics of the body and various explorations of the essence of fabric materials.

Ultimately we accepted the difference between fashion and architecture and used the irony of the relationship as a driving force. As sculptural assemblages, the Formative collection is a play of the distinctions between modern sculpture and technology versus drapery. Or even the structural and masculine sleekness of architecture versus the classical femininity which is found simply in the nature of fabric.

The Formative collection is the resulting pearl in the oyster of our creative expression and design. We humbly thank all of those who have been there to contribute to the show as well as those who have watched Formative to grow from an idea to our first show. Thanks again and enjoy.

After the show I had a chance to have a short interview with a magazine journalist who was reporting on the show. When I first told her that we were architecture students, she just said ‘ohh, things make so much more sense now!’ and asked me if our line was inspired by this new ‘Lady Gaga phase’. Appalled, I replied that we did not draw any inspiration from Lady Gaga, we just simply arrived at the same conclusions. We used the strongest geometric shape and we manipulated, multiplied, flattened, and designed it to relate to the human body. Lady gaga does not inspire us- architecture does.

However the experience was spectacular! working with models, make up, hair, and the people who put the show together was something we have never experienced before. This whole experience has made me see and try out something and has made me realize i really can see myself doing this for awhile. who knows? only time will tell.

check  it out! the fruit of our labor! thanks fiona for taking the video!

Powerhouse designs by Moods of Norway and Formative brought some of the show’s most interesting collections to the spotlight. The Norwegian designers behind Moods of Norway presented blazers, cherry-printed button-downs and uniquely colored suit-and-vest combinations for the men’s collection, complemented by surprisingly formal gowns for the ladies. Using soft spring colors throughout, Formative showed off a Grecian-meets-Gaga-inspired line, channeling intricate drapery with asymmetrical necklines, star cutouts, leotards and futuristic sunglasses. Both garnered praise from the audience.

One thought on “thoughts on the fashion show

  1. d. ooi says:

    Awesome! Congrats on the show!! This looks like it was a huge deal (and it probably was). 🙂

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