Food in Motion

Hosted on a hot sat. afternoon, the first annual LA food fest, was located just a few blocks from the fashion district at the parking lot of theLA design studios. After going to the event, i never knew that eating could be so exhausting.

First and foremost, the line wrapped around the block, around the parking structure, and back out onto the street again leaving us to wait about an hour and a half just to get in. And JUST when we thought all the waiting in the scorching sun was over, each truck had an hour and a half line wait. It was like getting in line at Disneyland. Wait forever, then experience the ride for about 10 minutes. The only ones we got to were India Jones (Indian cuisine), Savor De Bahia (brazillian food), and of course the beer line for Fat Tire – I didn’t’ even get to try out the one that i really wanted to try out- CoolHaus ( The architecture+ice cream truck. What drove me crazy was that the next day, the majority of those food trucks were parked right outside of USC- no line. It was sad but at least it will be an experience i certainly will never forget.

but notes for next food fest:

1. bring cash – i had to wait in line for 3 atms because they were all broken

2. bring something that you can do standing – reading, knitting, drawing, painting your nails, mastering a game on your iphone- anything really will be good – starring at hungry and pissed off people will make YOU more pissed off and angry

3. Bring a stool that you can fold back into your purse

4. bring a camera- There you will find LA fashion at its best and probably meet every food blogger in LA. Plus, even though you don’t actually get to eat the food, at least you can ask someone to take a picture of their dish so you at least know what you’re missing out on.

5. Bring Friends – Plan then divide and conquer: Like sun tzu said- “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.” In a case like this. the more the merrier and the fuller

Perhaps their success was their greatest downfall. – hmm… live and learn i guess

But isn’t it such a great concept? MOBILE FOOD?

the evolution of mobile food

the best and worst thing about LA its diversity. Its bad  because we don’t necessarily have a urban identity like San Francisco does because we are comprised of so many ‘clusters’ like Little Tokyo, Downtown, Hollywood, Chinatown, West LA etc. – the boundary and identity of Los Angeles is really a blurred line. But the Great thing about it is that you get a sense of every culture in it. You have your areas where you can get your good Mexican food and other areas where you can find the best Korean tofu soup. But what if YOU didn’t have to get in your car and drive over to the other side of town for that dish that you’re craving anymore? Or what if you’re just doing your daily routine and just simply want to try something new? Suddenly the diet of the LA urban consumers become a little more ‘well rounded’. Plus, global street food has been an incredible response to the recent recession. Now chefs and entrepreneurs no longer need a brick and mortar space to have a restaurant anymore- and also with such limited space, you no longer need to hire waiters or hosts. Its just you vs. the kitchen.

Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ Truck in Los Angeles says “for us it was really cheap…We opened Kogi for $1,500. We rented the truck, went to the Korean market and got sesame leaves and short ribs and we started our business that way.” Now Kogi is one of the models for people around the country looking to start a successful street food business.

We are now defining a generation by this Street Food Movement- pushing casual dining out of the way and bringing forth- well, casual dining! But note that owning a food truck isn’t the easiest thing to come around. My mom and dad used to own one right when they got to America and when I asked my mom what her hardest occupation was, it was working this food truck. (This is speaking over that fact that shes a trained nurse, CFO, and a mother)

But hey, for all those who didn’t get a chance to get over that food fest, look them up at – this way you’ll never have to wait in line for them.

India Jones


Our food from India Jones and Sabor de Bahia

sorry i couldn’t take the photo of the food uneaten. The hunger was too much to bear.

Louks Greek gourmet –

Phamish Vietnamese cuisine:

wish i remembered what truck this is- but YES- they served Foie Gras Fries. 😮

the Sweets Truck

Shops at the Food Fest

Food Fest Fashion

note: I know some of these aren’t frontal views of them but hey, they were the best i could capture from line. i was NOT about to give that up.

this is making me hungry- see you soon


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