In attempt to keep things interesting, I’ve decided to post a features post- and today’s features is on Maria Blaisse

Maria Blaisse- a designer originally from Amsterdam studied in various designs studios all over the US, Europe, and even studied the traditions of textiles techniques of natural dyeing fibers in South American before finally settling down back in Amsterdam where she created her form+material design studio. Her work doesn’t just cover fashion, but also product design and much more!

“Her projects can be understood as sculptures or costumes. In many cases, it is difficult to determine which is in control: the body or the form. Perhaps more clearly than any other artist, Blaisse resides firmly between the disciplines of art, design, textiles, and fashion. Her work is an investigation of form and material. The results have found homes in the theater, on the fashion catwalk, and in the art gallery.” (, nature and art merge together in Maria’s world to form exaggerated proportions, bold shapes and directional images

“Form forms forms.
Embedded in the material, the form reveals itself.
To experience the freedom of not giving a name to things.
To see what emerges from one form.

Inciting the flow of continuous creation.
No waste, no loss of energy, alert and alive.”

Maria Blaisse

Dazed and Confused

The C Shoe

Bamboo- moving meshes Nominated for the Doen Materiaal Prijs 2009

kuma guna 1996, foam costumes for dance

“being part of evolution as a designer, how to become more sensitive, how to interact with the continious changes in nature, how to let forms unfold, and be creative and efficient through nature”
Maria Blaisse


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