cars conceptualized

Hey guys

Just to let you know- is not all about fashion and shoes- design reaches all ends of the sex spectrum. So for all you interesting men out there- here are some amazing conceptual cars. these cars are the future people- expecting those hover cars like in the jetson cartoons huh- so was I

The Kia ray Spectrum

airflow by Pierre sabas

BMW Vela Concept

BRBEvolution Concept

“This is the BRB Evolution —a unique sports car concept, designed by 22-year-old British engineer Daniel Bailey, that folds itself in half lengthwise to fit into tight parking spots. The concept car would fold itself into half its length by jacking itself up on its nose and tucking its rear wheels beneath. Bailey claims he was inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908, but given the car’s appearance and Mr. Bailey’s youthful 22 years, we suspect reefer, Mountain Dew and repeated playings of Transformers may have also been involved.”

Concept Car by Iiario Saco

Iomega concept by joonas vartola

Iomega concept by Joonas Vartola is described in a few words by the Finish designer himself: “The structure and layout of the car supports and fosters the idea of this being a passenger car rather than the usual driver’s car architecture.”

jonathan punter concept car 2006

“The resulting vehicle is meant to represent the way a flower reacts to environmental conditions. I included seats in the vehicle which rotate to facilitate a family environment and which also maximise an individual’s personal space. Child mobility was also considered with the incorporation of seats that can be removed and used independently of the car.”

Peugeot MoVille concept

It looks like something you’d expect to see at the Tokyo Auto Show, but this Peugeot MoVille concept rendering is actually Woo-Ram Lee’s entry in a design contest put on by Peugeot. The competition pits designers from all over the world against each other, with the winner having his or her car (or whatever you want to call it) built in full-scale form. Last year’s winner, the Flux, is now even available as a download to drive around in Project Gotham Racing 4. As for this MoVille, we’re not so sure we’d want to race it online against taurine-saturated gamers, but the teardrop shape sure does put an elegantly French spin on the trendy omnidirectional future-pod shape.

phoenix concept sergio loureiro da silva

RCA enigma concept by paul howse

The Magnet Car

“Winner of the unseen technology award at the Interior motives design awards 2007, the MAG magnetic vehicle concept (designed by Matúš Procháczka) finds an unusual solution to the problem of, expending fuel to get somewhere. Rather than finding a different fuel source, or building a smaller car, Procháczka ingeniously reduces the weight of the car by using an electric engine with magnets the same polarity as the roads. The resulting upward force lightens the vehicle’s weight by 50%.”

hope you like em boys.

see you soon


ps. david- i win!


2 thoughts on “cars conceptualized

  1. David says:

    Every year at the LA Auto Show, they host a design challenge, pitting designs of the future from real car companies against each other.

  2. D. Ooi says:

    You didn’t put in the Citroen concept car! That one is actually being built I believe…most futuristic-looking car that’s being produced 🙂

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