fashion + architecture = formative


/ˈfɔrtɪv/  [fawr-muh-tiv] giving form or shape; forming; shaping; fashioning; molding: a formative process in manufacturing.

hi all- sorry about the delay of posts- the school year has just started and I’ve been busy with these new year resolutions. One thing that I’ve been working on (along with two other friends) is a fashion line called formative. Our vision with Formative is to create a fashion line that carefully integrates architecture and fashion- expressing to our audience that there is a strong relationship between the two. If you are at USC, please come see it – it will be featured at the FIA spring fashion show at Town and Gown on April 3 (?)

the mobius dress- by j.meejin yoon


walt disney concery hall- frank gehry

Interesting to see an architectural model placed next to a dress which creates a kind of dynamic relationship between the two…

Ruffled dreams- Junya Watanabe


yokohama interenational airport- Foreign Office Architects

hakate city


onitsuka tigers

dior fantasy

frankie morello dress

see you soon



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