//hello world//

hello world and welcome to my thoughts

//Everything in this world is interesting and it deserves to be shared with the world.//

At a certain time in my life, i thought blogs were useless – a medium to allow people show off and chatter mindlessly. but as as the time went by and i plunged into my own facebook account, I realized how powerful social sites like facebook, twitter, or wordpress really was. Information on these sites spread like a viral infection- people from all over the world – those who know you, those who barely know you, and even those you have never even met before could know at a moments notice what you’ve done for the day and any sort of information about you. Just the other day- I was trying to tell a friend a story and he said “Oh-ya i know- i saw it on your facebook status.” – and it left me a little empty-handed in the conversation. Then to top things off Julie and Julia featuring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams came out in theaters. Although i wasn’t so much into the story line of the movie i OF COURSE had to go see Meryl Streep!- who in my opinion is one of the greatest actresses of ALL time- even my dad knows who she is (which is a lot to say). Then like she always does- she takes my breath away and here i am – starting my own blog (you should watch it if you don’t know what I’m talking about). If the web was so powerful, how could i move the world and how could the world move me? Perhaps the only thing i look for from this is to spark a difference in the way i think and the way i see things- because i’m just that type of person that’s interested in everything but certainly  not good at anything- i just need something to inspire me further. So here is my attempt to show the world that everything in this world is interesting so that in turn it may spark ideas and concepts- new associations in the creative mind. and of course i won’t be able to cover everything-but at least the stuff that catches my eye- like architecture, design, fashion, patterns, food, people, photography, etc. i’ll let you know as the times come.

see you soon.



One thought on “//hello world//

  1. Rodolfo Ramirez says:

    Kick ass on your blog… ok…. lol

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