Proenza Schouler Studded hearts

Favorites from the Proenza collection.

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Day with Jonny Johansson of ACNE

ACNE Jonny Johansson

In a recent Vogue interview, Jonny Johansson of Acne discusses his untraditional path into fashion and what makes Acne so unique and special. Take a look at some highlights.

How does a collection come together?

I didn’t have a traditional fashion education, so for me it’s been learning, and trial and error. I like current and honest fashion. Working with my life, things that are very close to me at that moment, makes it current for me. That’s why this time [for spring/summer ’12] the source was the family trip I did to Marrakech … I didn’t think I was being inspired, but the colour and the multicultural aspect elevated me into this idea of a young Swedish girl and how she would interpret such a worked-on subject if she were to go there. We didn’t want to do tile prints or only caftans. The caftan is obviously there but we worked this sort of Arab reference within the sports-biker world. It became an interesting mix.

Has the fact that you have no formal training in fashion been a hindrance or a help?

You know, I’ve always been waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and say: ‘Hey, it’s time out, it’s over.’ My mother wanted me to go to art school because she saw that I had some sort of creativity. I didn’t, because I was pursuing music, which was important in my family, on my father’s side. But in the end it was about creating, about being able to have an outlet. It doesn’t really matter for me if it’s music, clothing or pictures, it’s about the process. It’s like when we have collaborations; it’s the experience that is interesting, usually much more interesting and more important than the result, to be honest.

So how does your creative mind cross from one thing to another?

The biggest worry is when I have to go to the next meeting, or when I have to break up in the middle of something that’s going on. I don’t like to disappoint people, because sometimes I leave them with half a piece, and that bugs me. But we try to focus and be more precise, smaller rather than growing in different directions. It’s not like we want to do new business. For example, furniture; this is more a thing for me when I have time.

To what do you attribute Acne’s success?

I think people have seen we’re developing the brand, that it’s under construction but it’s going the right way. And I think that there’s something with imperfection that is very humbling. Even though we’ve grown bigger, we would like to stay that way.

Where to next?

I’m starting to know myself, my creativity. And, also, the people I work with, my colleagues, are starting to understand what we’re doing and being part of this journey. That’s why I feel that this [spring] show was just a start in the hope that we can do something interesting for next season, and that this can be a springboard for that.

The Long wait is over: MMM for H&M

FINALLY I’ve been waiting for this preview for ages. One of my favorite fashion houses: the French Maison Martin Margiela released a few days ago ( only the exclusive few) the release of their collaboration with the Swedish H&M. Real collection is hits stores on the 15th of november. MMM has been a long fave for me with its boyish influences, sleek and clean details, bold structure, and expertise in materials. Maybe its those clean lines and simple palettes that hit home for me as a lover of architecture. I don’t know about you but i’m snagging these shoes as soon as possible.

“A representative for the house said that the clothing would mostly be reissued pieces from the Margiela archives, and these garments definitely embody the classic oversize silhouettes, deconstructed styling, and incorporation of found objects the house became famous for. But while prices for original Margiela pieces can reach thousands of dollars, prices for this collaboration run from $13 to $399.

Several pieces are fusions of more than one type of garment. One of the women’s bottoms melds a skirt with trousers; elsewhere, halves of two different dresses are combined. The house also turned everything from key rings, locks of hair, and faceless watches into inventive accessories.” (fashionologie)

images via graziadaily,, telegraph UK

Detail of Helena Christensen’s H&M MMM bootie

H&M MMM Campaign

MMM H&M lookbook

Lookbook H&M MMM

Clockwise from left:

Oversized peacoat £179.99, Oversized turtleneck jumper £79.99, Horizontally worn dress (blue) £99.99, Horizontally worn dress (black) £99.99, Circular shirt £49.99, Trousers transformed into skirt £59.99

Narrow shouldered jacket £69.99, Oversized trousers £69.99, Oversized day dress £69.99, Adjusted biker jacket £179.99, Lining dress £59.99, Pattern cut jacket £149.99

Clockwise from left:
Oversized masculine jacket £99.99, Trousers mini skirt £59.99, Hitched up dress £99.99, Darted jumper £69.99, Fusion of two dresses £69.99, Tailored mannequin jacket £79.99

Clockwise from left:
Trompe l’oeil fishnet legging £14.99, Enlarged key ring necklace £34.99, Glove clutch £79.99, Glove coin bag £29.99, Glove clutch £79.99, Knee-high boot with removed heel and its necklace £149.9

Clockwise from left:
Hair lock necklace each £7.99, Plexi wedge pump £149.99, Invisible wedge pump £149.99, Folded base tote £99.99

Clockwise from left:
Plexi wedge pump £149.99, Extended watch belt £59.99, Enlarged watch frame bracelet £29.99, Pump with removed heel and its necklace £69.99, Upside-down handbag £69.99, Pump with removed heel and it’s necklace £69.99

Mould effect loafer £99.99, Hand painted loafer £99.99, Hand painted belt £29.99, Extended belt £29.99, Mould effect boot £149.99, Mould effect belt £29.99

The best of SS13

Oh how I love this time of the year! Time for trends to come out and this season its all about the prints, mood, silhouettes, wonderful colors, and gladiator shoes. Of course my favorites will always be Jil Sander and Alexander Wang but Ive been blown away by this year’s Prada, MArchesa, Calvin Klein, and Marni collections. And even though ACNE is also one of my faves I can’t say I like it too much.  Check out my favorite looks from this year’s collections.

Its all about the cut

Alexander Wang


Calvin Klein Collection

Proenza Schouler

The silhouette

Jil Sander

Calvin Klein Collection

Theyskins’ Theory

Rebecca Minkoff


Proenza Schouler


Rebecca Minkoff


Gladiator Shoes


Proenza Schouler

Alexander Wang

3.1 phillip lim

Tipped Shoes

see by Chloe

Burberry Prorsum



Calvin Klein



3.1 phillip lim

Burberry Prorsum

stationary inspired by the architecture of zaha hadid: Chris Labrooy

These are some interesting pieces inspired by Zaha Hadid’s architecture. Designed by Chris Labrooy

“With this piece I focused on capturing zaha’s formal language rather than reference specific buildings because i am very interested in her drawings and paintings from the eighties.”

interesting how you can take architecture -> product design -> architecture





Hidden in Plain View


Done by USC’s architecture instructors: Alvin Huang of Synthesis

When fantasizing about the ultimate home office, the owner of this project imagined something sleek and sculptural that would conceal all the cords and contraptions that clutter most desks. To bring this vision to life, architect Alvin Huang and his team at Synthesis Design and Architecture hung sheets of CNC-milled birch—fabricated by local firm Cutting Edge—from the wall to form a continuous three-dimensional form. Look closely and you’ll glimpse the five hidden cabinets concealed within its sinewy surface that obscure files, books, a phone, and a paper shredder. In keeping with the theme of optical illusion, Synthesis inset a series of horizontal wooden spacers to form, from a distance, an abstraction of a world map—a way to hold the boards in place and nod to the resident’s love of world travel.





The Resonant Chamber: a ceiling that dynamically adapts to the sound of performances in concert halls.

Resonant Chamber is an interior envelope system that deploys the principles of rigid origami to transform the acoustic environment through dynamic spatial, material and electro-acoustic technologies. Our aim is to develop a soundsphere able to adjust its properties in response to changing sonic conditions, altering the sound of a space during performance and creating an instrument at the scale of architecture, flexible enough that it might be capable of being played. The project is developed through three streams of iterative research and development in both computational testing and full-scale prototype installation: Dynamic Surface Geometries; Performative Material Systems; and Variable Actuation and Response. Resonant Chamber is funded through the 2011 Research through Making Grant, U-M Office of the Vice President for Research, 2011 Small Projects Grant, U-M Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Research Creation Grant.
SO innovative! SO interesting





tape art

When i was in architecture school my friends and I did an exhibition for the Asian Architecture and Urbanism study abroad program and for our exhibition we decided to use black artist tape to draw people into our exhibition, depicting the skylines for each of the cities we visited like Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc. Here I stumbled upon some pretty amazing tape art. Check it out- true material intelligence

See you soon


Buff Diss

Jim Lambie

packaging tape public art installation

tape art structure public art

tape structure

packaging tape

seattle art festival

masking tape dress

Tape melbourne

oh darling, lets us be adventurers

Hello! Happy sunday everyone! As i’m sitting here in a coffee shop spending my hours in front of this laptop I can’t help but dream of all the places that I want to go to. Check out these images and I hope that it’ll spark you to get up and go somewhere! What places are on YOUR bucket list?

see you soon


Budapest, Hungary

Hua Shan, China

Ankisabe, Madagascar


Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Fujian, China

Longs Peak, Colorado

Easter Island Moai

Mammoth cavern Vietnam

Sapporo, Japan

Ankisabe, Madagascar




Yirantian Guo UN- ’12 s/s collection

Happy labor day everyone! I hope everyone has picked up their september issues! check out this collection by Yurantian Guo

‘UN-’ 2012 S/S Collection by Yirantian Guo

The concept of ‘UN-’ (Unconventional combinations) is to combine every possible unconventional element that presents the reality and illusion. It was taken from an unusual viewpoint of fashion in terms of garments and accessories. ‘UN-’ collection focuses on the combination of the technique and material. Inspired by cubism, breaking-up the original object and recombining to shape a new form is the starting point and then developing through the reflection accessories, deconstruction and asymmetric silhouette to achieve the concept. In brief, ‘UN-’ collection is creating a new channel to demonstrate fashion.

Words and images: Courtesy of Yirantian Guo